Matthew McConaughey is the One Gentleman

Matthew McConaughey is the new model for Dolce and Gabbana’s cologne, “The One Gentleman.”  In the advertising spots, McConaughey is the epitome of the flawless gentleman as he appears with absolute poise and old world charm.

No matter if he attended a grand event the night before or was caught in a tumultuous downpour, Matthew never has so much as a single hair out of its place.  The ads are shot in black and white to help elicit that sense of the grand perfect gentleman.

The fragrance announces the fact that this gentleman is worldly, sophisticated, and impeccable, but he is something more as well.  He is something just beyond special.  Matthew McConaughey exudes that something extra, that “it” factor.

Of course, Dolce and Gabbana want to make men, and particularly their women, feel as though they have bottled the “it” factor in “The One Gentleman.”  To that end, the commercials featuring McConaughey deliver.  They really make you feel as though you can have that special thing that is just out of grasp, even for the impeccable man, if you could just be like Matthew McConaughey.

Somehow, it is all done with polish and refinement and without pretension.  That is, no doubt, the work of director Baptiste Mondino, who not only captures McConaughey in an element, but makes him the element.


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