New fashion celeb style site launched

The creator of the E! Network is to launch a new site  This site is aiming to combine celebrities and fashion with a sales site.

Bonnie Fuller’s own similar site focuses more on celebrity mishaps and fashion faux par’s, as well as who has the best bikini body in Hollywood, complete with the better quality paparazzi shots.

Fuller’s site takes note of various items of clothing worn by celebrities, along with accessories, and leads you to purchase them through another site –

Mvurka raised the $10 million in funds himself to launch his new site, and does not intend on launching a channel or network in conjunction with this venture.  When pitching E! 23 years ago he compared television to newspapers – headlines and sport, but no entertainment.

Now he considers TV to be very much like a magazine stand, and that fashion magazines are the thickest.  This he claims is where money can be made. tried during the late 1990’s to put a monetary value on the E! brand, launching a website.  Unfortunately this venture failed to bring in as much money as was hoped.

Mvurka intends on his new site to be the main site for people to visit to see what their favourite celebrities are wearing, and to purchase it there and then.


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