Nicki Minaj is Henry Holland’s muse

British fashion designer, Henry Holland has many celebrity fans and friends like Cheryl Cole and supermodel Agyness Deyn, but he would love to meet and design for R&B star Nicki Minaj, saying he would love to see her in his clothes and meet her.

Henry said he was surprised by how well the fashion industry has welcomed him and that he is inspired by ordinary people in his designs even though he is loved by celebrities.

Whether it be people I see on the streets, those I work with or those I know and love, I am inspired by people.

The industry he says is great and those that work are willing to help one another and it is not the back-stabbing industry that most people think it is.

The young designer of 28 became famous for his signature slogan T-shirts saying that he could design his own much better than the ones he purchased.

He often laughed amongst friends that he could design t-shirts himself after having purchased many celebrity based slogan ones himself. It was for a long time a long running joke until one night out with friends he created the first four slogans that related to fashion designers.


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