Nicole Richie set to design a collection for Macy’s

Nicole Richie is going to be designing clothing for a special collection by Macy’s, for their range, Macy’s Impulse. Nicole Richie was once a reality television star and she is now at designer who has been tasked with creating a 30 piece collection for the American department store. It is expected that the range is going to launch in the shop this September.

The Rangers being highly anticipated and many people are speculating about what sort of clothing it is going to contain. One source suggested that is going to be a very bohemian chic look and is going to have a strong emphasis on versatility and prints.

Ms Richie has commented about the collection before stating, “There is definitely going to be a strong mix of feminine and masculine elements in this collection. There is going to be faux leather as well as printed chiffon.” Macy’s have commented that they are very excited to be working with Nicole Richie and have said that they feel she is a perfect partner to be involved in this collaboration.

The head of marketing at Macy’s commented, “There is no doubt the Ms Richie is very knowledgeable when it comes to the fashion world and she is going to be very good at understanding our consumers. Not only this but she has a real way of influencing the fashion world and we’re looking forward to hosting her collection this September.”


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