Orange and purple a fashion combination made in celeb heaven

Orange and purple are the in colours for the fashion conscious this season and they must be worn together. Ever since Frida Giannini, Creative Director of the Gucci fashion house, paraded her models in this summers colour mix the combination has taken off in the fashion world. It even has its own name, porange.

The Gucci models, unsurprisingly, look quite gorgeous in the colours. But then, after all, they are Gucci girls with figures that are out of this world. Tall and thin, they make all fashion look good. In basic terms they are doing their job and doing it well.

Cheryl Cole, on the other hand, did nothing for the look and made a poor error of judgment when she wore an orange blouse with purple pants, by Diane von Furstenburg, to the initial American X Factor audition. The colour orange does tend to age some people and together with her fluffed up bouncy hair the effect she imparted was anything but chic.

Princess Diana first wore porange in the early 1990’s and Cheryl should feel comforted knowing that other famous women have tried the look with varying results. Actress, Jessica Alba, TV star Kim Kardashian, U.S. X Factor judge, Nicole Scherzinger as well as singer Rihanna have all worn it in different styles. Some are dreadful while others can be put up with.


Following fashion trends has been the undoing of many modern women. The drop crotch trousers of 2009 and jeggings did nothing to add to the attractiveness of many women. Several will thank the day the clogg disappeared for good. If fashion looks good on a model it does not mean that it looks good on others.

Despite orange and purple being the in colours, there are some celebrities that just cannot wear them but insist that they must. For them some fashion stylists have created a look that offsets colour and to detract from the colours they contend that an aqua or gold belt will break the look while others maintain a bare midriff will suffice.


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