Paris Hilton’s designer hair is $35 million problem

Paris Hilton is being sued, again. This time hair extension company HairTech International is suing Hilton for breaching her $3.5 million contract. Hilton was recruited by HairTech to promote their hair extensions but the socialite was discovered wearing a rival brand of extensions in public, which was more than a little embarrassing for the company.

Hilton had already received the $3.5 million endorsement fee from the company when she broke the rules of her contract according to HairTech. HairTech have filed a suit claiming $35 million in damages for Hilton’s breach of contract.

The company claims they lost over $6 million when Hilton didn’t attend the products launch party because Hilton was serving a jail sentence for a DUI. The company lost numerous opportunities when hundreds of potential clients backed out of the launch party.

The company claims her misdemeanor damaged their brand and breached the part of her contract that said she wasn’t to break the law. The company is suing Hilton for unjust enrichment, fraud and deceit and breach of contract. The lawsuit also involves Hilton’s father Rick Hilton and her company Paris Hilton Enterprises.


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