PM hosts menswear fashion event

An event of over 60 shows hosted over a three day period by David Cameron features top designers. A reception hosted by the prime minister celebrates men’s fashion in London, as the fashion credentials of David Cameron were under greatest scrutiny.

Cameron’s reception hosted Downing street store buyers, magazine editors, and designers, as Cameron follows in Prince Charles footsteps. Cameron explained the details of his outfit: Sweeney shoes, M&S pants, and suit by Richard James, just beforehand he stated that he never looks around when shopping, and his wife chooses most of his clothes by summoning him to the dressing room while things are passed over to him for fitting.

He explained that the production of great designers and the industry of fashion was the UK’s greatest opportunity for its economy. “Fashion means creating more, and selling more not just some accessory.”

The GQ editor and London Collections chairman, Dylan Jones stated “All the way from Brick Lane to Bond Street, and from Shoreditch to Savile Row, mens fashion is more successful and extremely dynamic.

For three days this event will show around 60 presentations and shows, which will bring the tone for 2013’s mens fashion season for the winter/autumn. Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen, and Johnathan Saunders’ collections of influence will be featured across the globe to buyers and the press.

Monday’s greatest fashion show was the Topman Design featuring crop tops, short shorts, and man-clutches.

The creative director of the Topman Design, Gordon Richardson, declared that next Autumn his main look will feature an explorer early gentlemen style. The influence of Indian and Tibetan styles can also be seen in his collection.

Lee Roach, a newcomer that graduated from Central Saint Martin, created his business in late 2010. He produces an aesthetic look with garments that have a silver strip on the trouser ankle or jumper sleeve. Scottish cashmere was introduced for his winter/autumn collection.



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