Princess Eugenie and Beatrice wedding disaster

There were a few outfits and hats that did not pass muster at the Royal Wedding event though there were some fantastic ones and a myriad of dizzying hats in display. The faux pas of fashion was led by Princess Eugenie and Beatrice who may have chose unwisely even though it may have been bravely judging by what pundits and fans of the royal wedding are saying.

The Valentino Haute Couture dress with matching coat were quite elegant that Beatrice wore, but was joined by a ludicrous headpiece that was placed uncomfortably on her forehead and took away from the sophisticated outfit she had on. There is even a Facebook page in honour of the Ridiculous Hat.

Her sister Eugenie was not far behind since many were unsure of her outfit as well. Described as a gaudy suit that was too tight around her waist and bust says she probably did not enjoy the caramelised tart for breakfast. Tara Palmer Tomkinson wore something that was definitely eye catching, with top-to-toe cobalt and cowl-neck sheath, for all the wrong reasons.

The result was in your face brash and should have been more subtle to say the least. Justine Thornton, Ed Millibands partner was guilty of another fashion faux pas as her dresses creased terribly on the way to the ceremony. Her calves were cut off by the dress in the wrong place her jacket looked as if it had accompanied a pair of shears in a hot wash.


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