Project D London launch new diffusion range for plus sized ladies

Dannii Minogue and Tabitha Somerset Webb, now well known for their 2010 Project D London brand name for plus sized ladies, have unleashed a brand new diffusion range for sizes 14 to 32. Despite her small 5″2 height, Dannii is now renowned in this industry and has been able to make it in the fashion hierarchy.

The Project London system made it to the royal crowd as well with the Duchess of Cambridge and her sister wearing a lot of the garments that the duo made. But their latest project involves teaming up with Simply Be, a fashion size plus web site that helped launch the new line.

After leaving her post as an X-factor judge just two years ago she started working more behind the scenes and less in front of the media. This happened when she gave birth to her son Ethan and now Ms Minogue is more passionate about fashion than ever before.

Appearing next to Twiggy and Klass in a M&S ads they quickly became famous and could even be called a style icon. Now she is up there sharing hot tips about fashion with some of Britain and Ireland’s best models as it was revealed to judges at a recent press event.

Meanwhile a behind the scenes video was released by Tabitha and Dannii showing how they made the collection along with the actual launch. Dannii was wearing a blue chiffon dress along with some sunglasses and seemed more relaxed than before, using the camera to her advantage and showing up some plus size model that everyone could embrace. It featured iconic silhouettes and a lot of details, something unusual for the plus size world.

Most of her fashion lines include tops and dresses that provide large waists along with wrap dresses with prices around £60 to £150, a range very affordable to the type of clientele they are after. Some of the latest garments also include some vibrant colours like aquas and jades to provide a contrasting style along the cityscape background of these events.



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