Rachel Zoe’s tips to dress like a star

Rachel Zoe’s entire job and purpose in life is to make famous women look as close to perfection as possible, but while she faced heavy criticism in the past for dressing stars that were size 0, she now is working with wonderfully shapely women such as Eva Mendes and Demi Moore.

With her reality show kicking off a new season this week, Zoe will show her talents in action as she gets the stars ready for the red carpet and how she creates their looks.

Some of her fashion tips include grapping a trench coat, along with a pair of chic boots to go with it.  Other must have items include a black or white tuxedo jacket and a leather jacket, which can both be purchased from places such as H&M and TopShop.

Zoe also claims that this year it is all about shoes, and wedges and Lucite platforms are must have items for every wardrobe to be worn with Paisley prints and bold sundresses.

Additionally, large scarves made out of lightweight fabrics can never go wrong because in the coming autumn season layering that includes chunky sweaters, trench coats, oversized coats, and thigh high boots will be the rage.

In a run-up to her premiere, Zoe also offered her top five rules when it comes to creating your style:  if you doubt an item take it off, because it probably is not right, do not get overly concerned with matching, heels are the icing on every outfit, let your natural beauty shine through, and look at yourself from every angle to make sure there is nothing left to chance in your outfit.


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