Styled to Rock failing to attract audiences

Styled To Rock is the fashion programme that is overseen by Rihanna and statistics have recently showed that its viewing figure is very low, with only around 100,000 people every week tuning into the show. The programme airs on Sky Living and it sees various fashion designers who are aspiring to be the next big thing, come to battle it out and win the chance to create an outfit for Rihanna which she will wear to a festival appearance.

It is quite a surprise that the show has attracted such poor figures, especially given the incredibly high profile of Rihanna. It is estimated that the latest episode of the show attracted below 80,000 viewers, which is far behind the expected audience. When you compare the viewers of the programme to the average weekly night slot, which is 150,000, the show appears to be performing particularly badly.

Stuart Murphy, the controller for Sky, has stated, “When you consider the overall viewing figures it is actually more impressive. With repeats, and catch up television, the actual viewing total is closer to 500,000, which is a much more impressive figure.

Also, to have Rihanna in a television show is a great opportunity for Sky and it was something that we simply couldn’t turn down.” Mr Murphy did however admit that the success of the BBC show, Bad Education, which shares the same time slot, is affecting viewing figures.


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