Tess Daly returns briefly to modelling in very unusual dress

Tess Daly, the television presenter, paid tribute to her modelling days by choosing to be part of a photo shoot with a very unusual dress. The red layered dress was very dramatic with a corset a mermaid middle and a small flare out by the mid-calf.

The dress is the work of budding designer Nikita Karizma who is known for working with a lot of X factor alumni including Little Mix, Alexandra Burke, and Amelia Lily. However, there is more to the dress than originally meets the eye because while she may usually choose satin, silk, and leather to create some very tough looking corsets, this time around she had a different choice of dress material: Colour Catcher laundry sheets!

The dress Daly wore for the shoot was made out of more than 600 of the laundry sheets. The sheets are designed to be used in the wash one or two at a time to protect your most fashionable pieces of clothing by stopping the colours from running on them. In order to create the dress, the lightweight strips were dyed red and then stiffened so that they would hold up the corset and the mermaid hem that runs along the bottom of the dress.

Daly remarked that you can see how much colour the sheets are able to catch given the fact that they were once white. For everyone else, the mere surprise will be that the dress is made out of the sheets at all, because it actually looks quite wearable and down by the mermaid tail especially it really does look like fabric. The only question unanswered is what to do if the dress gets out in the rain!


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