The rise and rise of Emma Watson

From Hermione Granger to the face of Burberry to goodness knows what, Emma Watson has been a busy girl for most of her 23 years. She once told Interview magazine that from the first of nine auditions for the role of Hermione in the first Harry Potter film, she just knew the part was hers. Apparently so did the rest of the movie-going world, and Emma literally grew up on camera as Hermione until the series ended nine years later.

It seems as if celebrity artists, models and pop singers in particular, have a yen to express themselves in other ways, and launching a fashion line has become the outlet of choice for a great number of them lately. Emma Watson isn’t the first young actress to branch out into fashion, but she may be the most impressive of the lot. Her role as an exceptionally smart teen wizard was not misleading; she’s a smart young woman, and it shows.

Emma’s first foray into fashion was a collaboration with Alberta Ferretti on a collection they called Pure Threads, eco-oriented outfits for girls and women that won positive reviews from critics but never sold enough to really get off the ground. She was ‘disappointed’ in the lack of response from consumers, but not discouraged in her commitment to environmentally friendly fashion.

Though she has yet to come out with a fashion line of her own, Emma has a huge fan base that began with her cinematic years at Hogwarts but has grown and reshaped itself just as she has done. These days her following is closely watching the young stars wardrobe choices, and her influence tends to motivate some refreshing trends in fashions for young people. Her emphasis is on simplicity, comfort and classic styles, leaving the flash and dazzle to pop stars.

Back in August Emma was on the cover of Teen Vogue (for the fourth time), and her comments to the magazine sound quite a bit like they may have been made by the Hermione herself. Emma said she’d dearly love to have a plan. “I’m someone who likes to be organised and know what she’s doing . . .” and the movie industry doesn’t allow that. Fans will be eagerly awaiting the results when that plan – whatever it is – becomes reality.


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