The trend for bubble soled shoes continues

Bubble soled shoes have become very popular given that they are worn by people such as Rita Ora and Barack Obama. A fashion editor at Grazia Magazine, Hannah Almassi, said that it is not about a pair of old shoes, since labels, styles and details are also important.

Asos, an online retailer has reported an increase in the spring/summer 2013 collection. Nichola Carroll, a buyer for Asos said that Nike Air Max, have sold 320% more shoes than they did during the same period last year. There has been an increase in trainers from other brands too including New Balance.

Product and marketing director for footwear retailer Schuh, David Spencer said that there was a sport fashion revival that was driving the trend. He said that the footwear of choice is the nineties sportswear, and there has been an upward shift in the shoes sold to ladies. Ladies are not sports fans, but they too, are buying these trainers.

In 1987, Nike came up with the Air Max shoe, which had a bubble clearly visible on the side. This was an era of bigger hair, bigger money, and even bigger mobile phones. The air max was the top seller for most of the 1990’s and you could see marathoners, dance videos, and LP sleeves sporting the shoes. The Air Max 95 was found to be the most favorite amongst criminals, according to a UK forensic science service database.

Phoebe Philo, British designer of Céline has a lot to contribute to the reasons why most fashion conscious people are running to JD Sports stores. While ending a great fashion week catwalk show, she took the bow wearing trademark trainers. Oddly enough, the trainers were Air Max. When her photo appeared on Nike Vortexes for Vogue’s March issue, everybody started heading for a pair of their own.



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