Thierry Henry and Lewis Hamilton Endorse Reebok ZigTech Trainers

Reebok Zigetch TrainersSet to spark a new trend in fitness and fashion, Reebok ZigTech trainers are soon to be launched in the UK with Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton and French footballer Thierry Henry wearing the whacky new shoes as part of their training sessions.

The dynamic duo were seen at Reebok’s US unveiling of the ZigTech range in March where they expressed their great respect for one another before competing across a Zig Zag assault course and putting their Reebok ZigTech trainers to the test.

Once the cheering crowd had calmed down, Reebok explained the ideas behind their ZigTech trainers and the ZigTechnology itself.

The concept, which is based on a slinky, is all about the energy transfer from heel strike to toe off when running. The power that’s channelled along the Zig sole is meant to propel you forward while providing lots of cushioning to enable athletes to run further and faster for longer with reduced risk of injury. The Reebok ZigTech is already being worn by Reebok sponsored athletes to enhance their training sessions and will be coming to the UK very soon.

Lewis Hamilton is set to be the poster boy for the UK’s ReeZig Reebok ZigTech marketing campaign. But whether ZigTech trainers will become a popular athlete’s training aid or a trendy teenagers lifestyle trainer remains to be seen.


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