Thigh-high boots are a celeb must have

Here comes another must-have item for the fashionable woman’s wardrobe this autumn:  thigh-high boots.  If you happened to catch the recent Los Angeles Fashion Week, you probably saw Christina Milian in her black thigh-highs and a leopard print leotard giving a performance that made one forget about her lapse from the limelight after a stormy divorce following the birth of her child with The-Dream.

Christina was also launching her new cosmetics line, C. Milian Eye Wear, and what with her new single “Zipper” and some sexy moves, she made quite an impression.

Though thigh-high boots have sort of a dominatrix connotation for many of us, they’re no longer just for private entertainment.  Celebs of every stripe have been wearing them in highly public places, like the Mayfair Hotel in London, where model Amber Rose showed up in thigh-highs with a black suit.

Lady GaGa wore a black leather pair for her appearance on SNL.  Rihanna showed up on the street in a pair of open-toe fishnet thigh-highs and shorts.  For the dubious, there are plenty of tips available on how to look awesome in thigh-highs, so check it out.


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