TrimSole SS11 Push With Amanda Holden

TrimSole™ SS11 Push With Amanda Holden
TrimSole™ SS11 Push With Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden has been announced as the new face of Trimsole, the fitness footwear brand. The footwear, which tone legs as you walk are obviously delighted at securing the services of Ms Holden. She is one of the best known faces in the UK, and it’s easy to see that she takes care of herself and cares about her appearance.

Trimsole have a unique technology in the sole which shifts your centre of balance without you realising it. This makes your legs work harder and you get a workout just by walking around. Amanda is a busy working mum with little time to spare on exercise, she says she loves her Trimsole footwear, and that her bum is already more toned from wearing them all day.

The SS11 campaign played on the fun and energetic personality of both the brand and Amanda, whilst also incorporating her classic beauty to produce a spoof of some of the most iconic Hollywood images.  Wearing TrimSole™ sandals whilst dressed as Jane Russell in ‘Gentleman Prefer Blondes’ and Marilyn Monroe in the white dress (among others), gives a tongue and cheek message of how you can remain glamorous whilst wearing your TrimSole™ sandals in everyday life.

The collection for summer focuses on a classic sandal shape in an array of colourways including leopard prints and animal prints to inject a bit of fashion into this everyday fitness must-have.

Retailing from £24.95, a fraction of the price of competitor products, try them for yourself and feel the difference!  Exclusively available at


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