Victoria Beckham to open flagship store in London

The fashion career of Victoria Beckham is about to be further cemented as she opens a new boutique in Mayfair, an upmarket area in London. The former Spice Girl has been in negotiations for months and has now signed the deal which will see the new shop opening to sell her own collection of handbags and clothing. The Dover Street boutique will give Victoria a prime location in London’s fashion district.

The London store will be a flagship for Victoria and was hinted at during a British Vogue magazine interview back in April when she stated that the perfect location would be London. She also revealed her desire to provide something fresh, new and slightly conceptual. With her previous designs only available online, selected department store and fashion outlets, Victoria has built a following of stars including Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyonce.

According to a close source, Victoria is said to be very excited and wants to get thing progressing quickly. With plenty left to do it is hoped the store will launch early in 2014 with a celebrity flare fitting the status of Victoria Beckham.

The announcement follows last week’s reports that the Beckham Empire is now providing earnings of £100,000 a day. Documents from Companies House has revealed a combined annual turnover for the three companies handling the Beckham brand of over £35 million.


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