Victoria Beckham wins top design award

The British Fashion Awards were recently held and Victoria Beckham was honoured with the Best Designer Brand award. In the last few years she has been working very hard to establish herself as a recognised designer brand in the UK. After all of the years of work it seems that it has finally paid off for her, and at the award ceremony she seemed very emotional as she was recognised for all her hard work.

Many people thought that her foray into the fashion world would be unsuccessful. Looking back now to her days in the Spice Girls, most people would say that it would be very unlikely if she managed to achieve success in the fashion world. However, it has now become clear that singing was never her right calling and that fashion has been where she belonged all along.

After leaving the Spice Girls in 2000, she decided initially to attempt to pursue a solo music career. This was not very successful and shortly after that she decided to try her hand at fashion designing. Her first bit of fashion work came from the company Rock & Republic when she was commissioned to design a line of denim clothes for the company in 2004.

Since this initial piece of work her designing has come a long way and now is regularly on the cover of fashion magazines as well as on international catwalks. Since launching her fashion career in 2004 it has gone from strength to strength and she has created a well-known style that many lesser designers are often copying.

It was not until 2008 however that she eventually decided to launch her own brand of clothing which she decided to call Victoria Beckham. So far she has launched five separate collections of clothing, a selection of more affordable dresses, and a handbag range.

The dresses she makes are usually very expensive, mostly retailing for several thousand pounds. However, the detailing and design work that goes into them is quite remarkable and they have become very popular with Hollywood’s elite. What is clear is that this is just the first of many awards that Victoria Beckham is sure to win and it is clear her fashion career is still in its early stages.


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