Yoko Ono accused of fashion plagiarism

Yoko Ono is being called a thief by fashion designer Helah Namtzadeh whom claims that the widow of John Lennon ripped off her entire fashion line with absolutely no shame. Yoko Ono’s new line for men includes thigh-high boots and jock straps which she claims are a tribute to her passed husband, but Namtzadeb claims that the designs belonged to her first.

Ono, aged 80, claims that here men’s range was inspired by the ex-Beatle, but Nematzadeh aged 36 from Brooklyn, New York is claiming that the design team for Ono saw her sketches and then took them without her permission. After tweaking them a little Nematzadeh claims that Ono created her own men’s clothing range.

Both lines see many hand-prints placed around the chest and crotch areas and also have plenty of see-through garments featured in them. Nematzadeh owns the Brunswick Smashing Starlets clothing company and stated that she had originally met with photographers after Opening Ceremony the retailer vent and they said that they were going to come back and photograph the clothes. However, she claims that later they went to Ono’s design team and showed the fashions.

From here the designs were used to create Fashion for Men and now the range can be purchased on the website of Open Ceremony. Ono defended herself stating that the clothes are based on a book of illustrations that she gave her husband the day they were married and serve as a tribute to his body.

She said that she was amazed by how great her man looked and that she wanted to bring this out with the clothing line. Nematzadeh dismissed the statement saying that she is trying to use the Beatles name to hide under the forgery but that the Beatles and fetish do not go together.


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