H&M is leading a new initiative this year titled the Fashion Against Aids movement by creating a new range of clothes with a small quirk.  The FAA campaign aims to raise awareness of the serious disease and raise funds for research.  At the moment, the campaign has already handed over more than 41 million Swedish Krona to the Designers Against Aids project as well as other AIDS projects that are internationally based.

Due to the fact that AIDS can strike both men and women the clothing collection is unisex and designed so that everyone can wear it to match their own personal style.

Those interested in donating to the cause or simply interested in the clothes can pick them up starting on April 26th of this year with a quarter of all the sales profits donated to AIDs organizations around the globe.  Head of Design at H&M Ann-Sofie Johansson stated that the aim was to create an athletic vibe that will make people feel liberated due to the shape, cut, and fabrics that were used.  She added that the key items are a sports jacket and the slogan tee shirts.

“H&M’s FAA campaigns are extremely important, as it is essential to spread the message to young people worldwide to take care and have safe sex. The main message is: life is beautiful, so keep it that way and be safe, both for yourself and your partner. HIV is everywhere, not just in Africa, not just in the gay community – HIV concerns us all. If you’re old enough and wise enough to make love, you’re also old and wise enough to take care,” says Ninette Murk, founder and creative director, DAA.

Women can work that boyfriend look and men are working with styling more than ever in the way they dress. The starting point is shape and detail, with sporty T-shirts, blousons and parkas that are there to be personalised: sleeves can be rolled up or zipped off, waists can be belted and garments totally adapted from one item into another.

Comfort is a key factor and colours are naturals as well as pale pastels which means they can be worn by all. A draped nylon parka looks just right as it is, or its sleeves can be zipped off and its waist accentuated to turn it into a dress for girls. The oversized and asymmetric slogan T-shirts can be worn in so many ways, while the collection is full of the perfect track pants, tanks and shorts perfect for summer.

This is the fourth year of H&M’s FAA initiative, which aims to promote safe sex and HIV/AIDS awareness both through the messages found in the collection and through the advocacy of the organisations which benefit from the sales. The money has been divided between Designers Against AIDS (DAA), the NGO who brought the concept of Fashion Against AIDS to H&M and that promotes awareness of HIV/AIDS among the young, investigating new methods of peer group education and campaigning, YouthAids, focusing on its projects in Haiti and Russia to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in chronically affected areas, the MTV Staying Alive Foundation and UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund.


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