London Fashion Week Men’s Day

London Fashion Week ends it show with Men’s Day, where clothing collections for men are shown off and for many at the show it is quite a relief. The women’s shows are full of glamour and some find this a bit tiresome, the gossip and the glitz are usually a bit over the top. When it comes to the men’s day though there is a much simpler attitude that says: let’s just get on with it. Let us have a look at some of the highlights of the men’s clothes that were at the show.

Sports is on the minds of designers and this very much shown through a large amount of the clothes that are on show at the event. This must be attributed to the coming of the Olympic Games next summer. We can see sporty bomber jackets from Lou Dalton and see some great jogging bottoms from Christopher Shannon.

A collection that was a bit more subtle was that of E Tautz which had an element of early 20th century sports where athletes would dress in what they felt was comfortable, before the advent of modern sports clothes. This meant the collection saw some interesting items in wool and linen. There were also some great blue silk jackets rounding off the collection.

While these were collections for next summer the predominant colours seemed to be darker than what you would expect. There were some exceptions with some neon t shirts and pink trousers, but most of the collections utilised darker colours. The collection by Dalton was actually primarily making use of black. The collection by Top Man was something a bit different and many of the designs had come from Morocco. There were several shirts made out of silk with Ikat prints on them.


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