Matt Smith Doctor Who star and Daisy Lowe fashion event

Even though Matt Smith the Doctor Who star and model Daisy Lowe are the most fashionable couple of the moment, the two often appear in public together rarely. However, last night Smith did make a stop by the Vintage at Goodwood fashion show to support his girlfriend as she did her walk down the catwalk.

Smith attempted to hide his appearance behind a dark pair of sunglasses, but was seated prominently in the first row of the fashion show next to her mother, Pearl.

Lowe wore a wide array of clothes from her mother’s vintage autumn collection including two lacy black sultry dresses.  The clothing line is set to go on sale at Peacocks.

Outside of Smith’s relationship with Lowe, it seems he has gotten chummy with her mother as well as the two embraced in a hug at the fashion event.

Lowe has stated publicly before, that her mother’s opinion of her boyfriends usually denotes how long she will stay with the person in question, so given the fact that Pearl seems to have opened up to Smith it seems he has been given a green light.

In a recent interview, Lowe was quoted as saying that her mother is known for quickly telling her what she thinks about a certain boyfriend and that it does affect how she ends up feeling about the boy in her life.

Lowe and her mother are known to act more like sisters then mother and daughter which was evident by the way they strutted down the catwalk together at yesterday’s event.


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