Museums and galleries becoming new fashion destinations

Fashion lovers have recently been delighted to see that many fashion brands have been digging out their old collections to display in museums and galleries. Even the public with less interest in fashion have been seen to be taking an interest in its history.

A recent retrospective collection put together by Hussein Chalayan was so popular that it was extended and the British designer commented, “The very fact that these exhibitions are so popular shows that fashion is very much a part of a country’s culture, a fact that these exhibitions make sure isn’t forgotten.”

A recent show has also been put together by Ralph Lauren which attracted over 150,000 visitors to its location in Paris. A similar exhibition by Jean-Paul Gaultier attracted over 170,000 visitors and it has been announced that it will be running for a second time. In Moscow an even more successful exhibition was hosted by Dior with nearly a quarter of a million people attending.

With the success of these first few exhibitions many more fashion houses are keen to jump on the bandwagon and there are many shows scheduled for 2012. Max Mara will also be holding an exhibition in Moscow which is starting this January. A special exhibition is being held in London which is designed to be a tribute to the style of James Bond and is going to be taking place at the Barbican and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

In Venice Diana Vreeland is going to be honoured with a retrospective exhibition featuring only pieces designed by her. New York will see exhibitions by Elsa Schiaparellia as well as Miuccia Prada. Perhaps the biggest addition to the world of fashion exhibitions is going to be a permanent museum which is being established in Florence this year.


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