Red carpet fashion

Every year the celebs of Hollywood face the same problem, how to create the best fashion ensemble that will make a statement while honouring the tradition of the red carpet.  This year celebs turned to texture for the solution.

The actresses who managed to score the best dressed awards at this year’s Oscars did so without utilizing cheap thrills of using over the top borrowed bling; instead they used sharply shaped dresses and minute architectural details that combined for stunning results.

In fact, some of the best dresses and most memorable were literally 3D this year such as Vera Farmiga’s Marchesa gown which had pleated magenta ruffles cascading through it and Diane Kruger’s ivory and black chiffon camellias that adorned her Chanel Couture gown.

Some actresses however seemed to miss the memo about keeping the texture simple and sharp, with a few actresses going overboard with texture or simply missing the point altogether.

For example, Charlize Theron’s lilac and amethyst Dior Couture gown started out fine with a nicely sculpted shape except for the rosette swirls around her breasts that turned it into something that would have fit better on the Madonna during the Blond Ambition Tour.

Also a shock to look at and even try to comprehend was the Givenchy gown worn by Zoe Saldana who hid her perfect shape underneath a tight fitting bodice that jumped into a large overwhelming amount of garden chrysanthemum coloured poufs that made her look more like the frosting on a cake than a star on the red carpet.


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