The Pride of Britain Awards everyone is wearing Victoria Beckham

The Pride of Britain Awards were recently held and they were hosted by the Daily Mirror. The annual event, which is sponsored by Littlewoods, saw many of the A-list attend and they were seen wearing clothes designed by Victoria Beckham. A huge range of people were wearing the clothes by the designer, from Cameron Diaz to Cheryl Cole.

Recently, Beckham has released a collection of items that are very figure hugging. Four years ago, Beckham was not even on the fashion scene and no one could have predicted that today she would be where she is now: rivalling some of the largest fashion houses.

The designs by Beckham are wildly expensive, dresses start at over £1000 and go all the way up to £7000. She has however recently launched a new range which is intended to be more affordable although the cheapest item is still £400. Her clothes have been such a success that she has had up production significantly.

The hardest market that she had to break was the US. While in the UK the brand name of Beckham was already well known, in the US it was not. It is hard work and talent that has brought Victoria to the prominent position that she now has in the fashion world.


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