Belstaff Jackets

With the change in seasons always comes a change in style which is why with autumn/winter about to switch it may be time to invest in some new designer clothing. Of course, the number one thing that you will have to consider is dressing for the cold winter months that are coming, which may mean purchasing a new up to date winter coat.  This year one of the top fashions is leather jackets, but not just any leather jackets, Belstaff leather jackets that are styled after the great Steve McQueen.

Belstaff may be just another town out in Hollywood in the US, but it actually offers a rich history that dates back to Longton, England the small pottery town.  This is because in 1924 Longton was the home of Entrepreneur Harry Grosberg who partnered with his father-in-law to create a new waterproof coat.  Taking the syllables of both of their last names and the first half of Staffordshire where the factory was located, the company Belstaff was formed.  Quickly thereafter the jackets caught on with motorcyclists due to the fact that the fabric allowed for breathing.

Before long, it was not just motorcyclists on the streets wearing the jackets as Steve McQueen quickly adopted their Trialmaster jacket making it famous.  In fact, while travelling across Latin America Ernesto Che Guevara chose the same coat which enriched the story of the jackets bringing them across the ocean.  Today many celebrities regularly support the Belstaff brand including top celebs such as Brad Pitt who can be seen in the Belstaff Panther Jacket on any promotional posters or video sleeves for the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It’s pretty hard to fight how attractive Pitt looks when sporting this particular jacket.

Outside of the movies and motorcyclists that helped propel Belstaff to fame, the brand has now become a lifestyle brand that is great for those who want a true luxury leather coat.  In fact, Richard Branson is hard at work with the staff at the company to make a new tailored leather coat to take with him on the Virgin Galactic’s first space flight which will occur in 2011.  Even Pope Benedict XVI wears a Belstaff parka while walking around the garden of the Vatican.  It is pretty hard to fight these facts when debating what the most sophisticated leather jacket would be for you.

Of course, it can be hard to know which Belstaff jacket will be best for you especially since the sleek Trialmaster jacket is now off the market.  However, the Roadmaster leather coat is a close cousin that offers everything that the classic leather coat did, but with the buckles, cargo pockets, and brass studs that will make you stand out from the crowd. Plus, with a solid lining and a thick cotton body, you will certainly not feel the effects of the wind against your skin making it well worth the investment.


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