Kate Middleton fashion icon in the making

There was a time, as with widowed Victoria, that if the queen wore black so did the nation. Happily the copying of royal fashion and/or lifestyle choices has become optional today.

Kate Middleton is destined for status as a fashion icon. Her engagement dress replicas sold out in British clothing outlets in less than an hour. While on the other hand Camilla Parker-Bowles’ feathery headdress has attracted very few young hipsters. Who are the royal trendsetters and who determines the who, what and where for of all this.

It all is determined by high tech, those that are experts in social media and the most hip in this field will become the trendsetters among the royal elite. Our world today is fast paced and high tech so if any of the royals are seen twitting or calling on a mobile then they will be those trendsetters.

As they use their electronic gadgets what they are wearing will be looked at and those will be what are defined as cool. Right now it is Kate that is the darling due to the wedding but even her brother may steal a bit of the spotlight in the near future.

There are many people who are just plain looking to be guided and by using the royal family as a guideline it helps to choose, when big events are planned. For many years after the late Princess Diana married Prince Charles people were wearing wedding dresses that had many of the different elements that hers did.

Weddings are usually the most influenced by the royal family and they will be again after these nuptials. Royalty with their association with historic institutions of power are still regarded and treated differently from other celebrities. And what is amazing is that as young as Prince William and Kate are, they are at the pinnacle of global celebrity.


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