Katy Perry teams up with GHD

Katy Perry, aka Mrs. Russell Brand, was a California girl before she got adopted by the U.K. Katy was a big hit with Brits long before the U.S. caught up with her act, and she says she’s applying for dual citizenship. It’s not that much of a surprise that she has also been named ambassador for England’s famed hair styling company ghd.

Katy’s fame as a pop star has always been augmented by her flirtation with different styles and the CEO of GHD, Paul Stoneham, said that’s the reason she was picked to showcase the ad campaign.  Paul said that Katy is the ideal model for GHD’s image of transforming and empowering women.

The new campaign features photography by David La Chapelle, a world-wide celebrity in his own right.  He went for iconic styles from glamour-girl of the 50’s to Bohemian babe of the 60’s to neon-disco queen of the next couple decades, and they all work very for Katy and the campaign.

The singer-cum-model says she’s delighted with her new venture, since she loves being associated with “the best products in the biz”, not to mention the best photographer.  She’ll be taking those products along as she continues her California Dream Tour in Australia.

GHD first opened in 2001 and rapidly gained a reputation as ‘the’ place to go for great hair.  They’ve been endorsed by such high-profile heads as Madonna and Lady GaGa, and Katy will undoubtedly be another star in their crown.


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