Kokoriko by Jean Paul Gaultier

Kokorico, the latest gent’s fragrance from the iconic Jean Paul Gaultier has enjoyed a highly successful launch in the UK. Never one to shy away from loud and bold promotion, the marketing campaign for Kokorico is classic Gaultier, with the video to accompany the launch and the explosion of music and colour on the website grabbing your attention and evoking emotions.

The website displays the Kokorico logo against a heady beat, and once the logo is fully visible a menu appears to take you to four other areas; the bottle, the film, the inspiration and the fragrance. The distinctive body form used by Gaultier is present here, but on the back of the bottle, the front is a man’s face that exudes power and strength, almost warrior like in appearance.

Click on the film icon and you are treated to a sole Latin dancer in Cuban heels stamping away to a Latin beat and interspersed with a young blond woman in a feathered bikini hammering out the beat on a large drum. The inspiration link takes you to a montage of shots from the catwalk of JPG’s 2011/12 haute couture show. The Kokorico is the cry of the cockerel, and the clothes displayed are heavily feathered and bird like in construction.

The final option, the fragrance, features an animation of feathers and chicken like footprints can be seen appearing within a magnifying glass type circle. There is also a link to purchase kokorico and a description of the scent.  This is a powerful and energetic fragrance with aphrodisiac qualities. Raw cocoa beans, fresh fig leaves and wood combine to create a heady concoction of  everything that a virile male stands for.

Kokorico is available to buy both online and UK stockists. It’s a long time since a men’s fragrance has had such an impact and JPG looks certain to replicate the huge successes of his previous fragrances. This campaign carries the message that even the manliest of men should smell good, and the strength and virility that has been captured and bottled as Kokorico is the number one scent for those men who embrace their manliness.


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