The British public create their ideal woman

The British public create their ideal woman
The British public create their ideal woman

New research has just emerged from the leading independent website dealing with celebrity fashion in the UK. asked the British public to use different parts of celebrities bodies to create their dream woman and they have now revealed what a man’s perfect woman would look like.

1242 men across the UK aged 18 and over responded to the poll where they were asked to what their dream woman would look like if they assembled her from a selection of body parts belonging to various female celebs.

The respondents were shown a list of pictures and were to assign celebrities to each body part based on which features from which famous women would create their dream women. The results were as follows:

Eyes: Kristen Stewart – 44% (2nd Megan Fox – 31%)

Nose: Tulisa Contostavlos – 29% (2nd Jessica Alba – 21%)

Cheekbones: Miranda Kerr – 53% (2nd Michelle Williams – 39%)

Lips: Angelina Jolie – 68% (2nd Miranda Kerr – 54%)

Teeth: Kate Middleton – 55% (2nd Eva Longoria – 32%)

Jawline: Pippa Middleton- 26% (2nd Victoria Beckham – 18%)

Hair: Kate Middleton – 38% (2nd Miranda Kerr – 27%)

Boobs: Holly Willoughby – 59% (2nd Katy Perry – 52%)

Arms: Gwyneth Paltrow – 22% (2nd Mila Kunis – 16%)

Abs: Cheryl Cole – 37% (2nd Shakira – 24%)

Bum: Rihanna – 49% (2nd Nicole Scherzinger – 37%)

Legs: Miranda Kerr – 36%  (2nd Lea Michelle – 27%)

Personality: Holly Willoughby – 28% (2nd Katy Perry – 17%)

Miranda Kerr was the female celebrity who received the most votes from British men, as she appeared in the top three for the ‘cheekbones’, ‘hair’ and ‘legs’ categories.  She was also voted by 14% of the respondents for ‘all body parts’.

Bobbie Malpass, editor of, commented on the findings:

“We thought it would be interesting to ask men what their perfect woman would look like and it comes as no surprise that Miranda Kerr appeared quite a few times in the poll. She simply appears to have the ‘whole package’ with not only an incredible figure but also a great family/work balance.

As they are constantly in the spotlight, we usually refer to celebrities to describe what would our perfect man or woman would look like. I guess if they can use their celebrity status to convey a positive message and image, whether it’s for their fashion style, figure or personality, then there is no harm. ”


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