Brett Levene set to be the next big thing on the catwalk

With London fashion week drawing to a conclusion, there is one particular model that has caused a particular interest in the fashion world.

Brett Levene is only 15 years old, but he is already causing those with much more experience than him to pay attention.

He is signed with Storm, which is one of the best modelling agencies, and in recent years his career started to move very quickly. He is already worked with some of the most famous photographers in the industry including Lakovos Kalaitzakis and Stefan Heinrichs.

He is also known for appearing on the front of a novel, The Fallen Blade, and has appeared in Tank magazine and Fashion 156. His modelling has also led to other career opportunities including several acting roles and an involvement with an advertising campaign. It is expected that he is going to appear on the catwalk in Milan and Paris this summer.

He has commented about his career; “I’m still in school and studying for my GCSEs, so sometimes it is challenging to have to balance my studies with my career. People often ask me why I put so much work into modelling but the simple answer is that I have to.”

The British Fashion Council requires models to be 16 years old if they are allowed to walk in the fashion show, Mr Levene will therefore be able to only walk in the show as of next year. About this he commented, “Being able to walk in a Fashion Week would be an incredible opportunity. It would also be remarkable for someone of my age to be able to do this.”

Mr Levene began his career when he was 12 years old and has said that David Gandy is his inspiration for becoming a model. He said; “Gandy was a guy who just had a normal job, but he eventually ended up changing the fashion industry. My family is very supportive of my career and so are my friends. People make fun of me for being a model sometimes, but I know that it is just a joke.”


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