British knitwear very much back in vogue

The wool industry in Britain is back with a vengeance after years of taking the back seat in the fashion world. Cosy sweater and cardigan knits are again in favour, so it’s time to cosy up with this wardrobe classic and staple again. This is a huge come back for the British wool industry as if it is experiencing a renaissance after four decades of closely being terminated by the trend preference of synthetic fibres instead of the all-natural kind.

This comeback of true wool luxury is all thanks to the luxurious fashion houses as well. Fashion giants such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Dior and Burberry have shown their fascination on the natural material by bringing it into the runway for the whole world to speculate on and bring back as a major trend as well.

Thanks to the major trendsetting of these couture houses, exports are receiving an all the high in the statistics. The mills here in Britain are experiencing consecutively year by year upped demand in wool production. The high fashion world isn’t the only one making use of wool but aside from seeing it in the runways of fashion capitals London, Milan and Paris, but also in retail brands such as Topshop, Marks and Spencer’s and Zara.

Figures showed the worth of the wool fashion and clothing market has flown up to a whooping £1.25bn from the years 2008 to 2010 and is still experiencing an all time high this time. The fifty percent increase in total gross sales in just five years is seriously good news to the economy and the country’s producers of wool of almost a hundred thousand.

The love of the luxurious natural material began when men were turning their attention to formal wear and when cheaper and substandard synthetic materials were flooding the global market such as Turkey then China. People began falling in love with real wool so these consumers began wanting more of it than costing a fortune on synthetic clothing from China.

Made in Britain in tags of wool clothing became a big hit after that, which Marks and Spencer have even done as a clothing range in their branches all over the world. Tweed has also been back in the menu after it was featured as a major theme and trend in the 2012 winter collection of Chanel, Michael Kors and more.

Wool is such a huge part in the history of Britain that it will always find a way again and again to be a part in modern culture and it will never truly fade away for good. Wool is such a wonderful material which can be sophisticated and luxurious but comfortable and casual at the same time, making it one of the best materials to innovate and keep in any era.



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