Cambridge plumber aims to win Mr England title

This month, Perry Moore the plumber is going to go up against the beautiful for the title of Mr. England as the Cambridge man will strip down to his pants for a photoshoot at London Fashion Week for a fitness portion. There will be thousands watching, but the shy Perry is ready for the challenge after six years of boxing.

Perry explained that he used to be terribly shy up until age 15 when a friend of his dad introduced him to the world of boxing. This helped him get the confidence that he needed to talk to people and helped him to feel comfortable carving out a new career for himself.

He trains at a Haddenham boxing gym and has been in 12 fights, out of which he won ten earning him the Midlands champion title and the Eastern counties champ for two years in a row. Perry added that he stayed off the streets and received a focus as a result of his boxing.

He added that it is important that children find something inspirational at a young age and that is what the world of boxing had to offer him. For Perry, the world of boxing helped him to come into himself and that before he started boxing he could hardly even talk to strangers over a cup of coffee.

Now that Perry has a new personality he has enrolled in plumbing courses at the Cambridge Regional College and became an actual plumber with the NC Plumbing and Heating company where he still works. He explained that he loves his job and it is great to know that he has a great career to fall back onto if modelling does not work out down the road. Perry simply feels as if he has it all.



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