Candice Swanpoel looks amazing in latest swimwear shots

Candice Swanepoel, the South African model, has recently proved that she certainly knows how to make a splash in her chosen career. She is 23 years old and recently looked incredible as she wandered around a swimming pool and went swimming under a waterfall. She is a Victoria’s Secret model, and she has been clearly enjoying a very luxurious life while preparing to work on her latest photo shoot.

It is clear that she has been very much enjoying the life in Miami, as she shoots for the company, and she was certainly showing off her model credentials while she was swimming in this pool. At the photo shoot, she changed her outfits several times, and posed in both wet weather gear, and dry gear.

She was seen wearing a huge number of bikinis, and it is certain that these photos are going to be very popular with the company. At the shoot, she was seen being attended to by a large team of hairstylists and make up artists, and they made sure that she looked even more perfect than she does naturally.

This photo shoot has been part of the company’s new bikini campaign that is intended to launch in the near future. She was spotted on the second day of shooting, wearing leopard print swimwear. She was joined at the photo shoot by other Victoria’s Secret models including Erin Heatherton. From the initial sneak peek of this photo shoot it seems as if Victoria’s Secret is certainly going to have some very popular photographs that are likely to sell a great deal of swimwear for the company.


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