Design student produces creative collection combining space and Playtex

A Kingston University student named Anna Collinson made an interesting discovery as she roamed around the Science Museum in London, doing research for the fashion collection she wanted for her final student year. She said that she’s very interested in the technology behind certain fabrics and their function, so it’s no wonder she was fascinated with the fact that a subsidiary of Playtex was one of the key design firms involved in creating the spacesuits worn by the first astronauts in the 1960’s.

Most of us know Playtex as the name on a huge range of womens’ products, notably bras and girdles, with a reputation for durability as well as good design and fit. Anna took a bit of a creative leap and came up with a collection that combines the space-suit look with tailoring in some uniquely attractive designs.

Her collection includes a tunic affair with a collar that looks plumped up with air, even a half-mask that can be pulled up or down over the lower half of the face. Her creations seem to combine the bulky padding of functioning space wear with the sleek look imparted by form-fitting undergarments, a contrast that works surprisingly well. Her fashions could be worn with elan at the office or for an elegant dinner out, according to the reviewers who judge these things.

Anna says she felt a need to explore the “clash of ideas” inherent in the masculinity associated with astronauts and the feminine associations from Playtex lingerie, and wanted to create a collection that brought the two very different worlds together. Her next goal is to design for a sportswear company.


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