Designers refuse to lend clothes to Kim Kardashian for Elle shoot

Apparently, despite the fact that Kim Kardashian’s name has been on the front page of all the gossip rags this year she is not yet the ‘it girl’ because several designers refused to lend out their clothes to her for her Elle cover shoot.

Stylist Nicola Formichetti, the stylist who is also behind some of the most stunning and memorable pieces of Lady Gaga’s closet, admitted that he had some problems while calling in high-end samples that they could use to dress the 32 year old pregnant woman with.

Formichetti explained that designers did not want to lend out their clothes but that is pretty much how the world of fashion can do. He said that he talked to several different designers who all felt that her dimensions were not close enough to models to be wearing their clothes.

Instead, the design team worked with the pieces that they did get from the likes of Victor and Rolf, Tom ford, and Roberto Cavaili to put together a few stunning looks. Formichetti said that awhile she may not be an ‘it’ girl yet, she will be very soon.

Kim on the other hand had nothing but positive to say about Formichetti’s work stating that she loves to be transformed and to see his vision coming out. She added that it doesn’t matter what clothes he works with because he understands the body of a woman and is simply inspired.

However, Kim did add that she was really nervous walking into the shoot but that it turned out to be like a dream come true. Formichetti was impressed by the fact that Kim was so down to earth and did not have an entourage with her, to which she responded her only entourage is her family but right now she is sick of them.


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