Dior decorate their Paris store windows with miniature dolls

There is an old adage that says the best things come in small packages, and for those who are familiar with Dior this just might be true. This year the famous designer is dressing its Parisian department store window with miniature dolls.

The 74 miniature dolls do not just inhabit the window however; they are also embodying the style and class of Dior. This is due to the fact that every doll is dressed in a miniature replica of some of the most iconic Dior outfits ever created. For those who will not be able to physically make it out to Le Printemps to see the display, Dior has a video out that captures the magic of the display.

The cloth dolls are about the size of a small infant, and almost look lifelike at first glance. No doubt there are plenty of children that would love to get their hands on the tiny Dior dolls, and perhaps there are a few lucky children that will get to take some home at the end of the holiday season.

For now what is most notable about the collection is that every style and every country is represented by the dolls. From the large hats of the British culture to the Vietnamese straw caps, pretty much everyone is going to be in the Dior store window.

The evening dress certainly will take most people’s breath away as the tiny dolls dance slowly into the night. The hot air balloon heading downwards and upwards in the middle of the display is also eye catching and the tiny pair of binoculars held by the doll that is watching the audience watch her is very clever.

Overall, the display is not like something most people have seen before, but then of course, it is a Dior.


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