Fashion finally gets a dedicated price comparison website

We have seen them, all over the TV, the comparison websites for almost everything from insurance to energy companies and even broadband. They provide a valuable service for consumers in this time of economic restrictions and there is now a website offering the same service for fashion shoppers.

51 of the nation’s favourite high street retailers have fashion available from Style Compare, running from Lower Parliament Street in Notts County. With outlets including ASOS, John Lewis and Topshop.

The business was set up by Jonny Challenger with Drew Tavernier and John Nolan. Jonny had worked in the past for Next, in the department of online marketing. The company make between 5 and 25% for each referral that passes through their site to make a purchase from a client.

30 year old Jonny from Carrington stated that he had always had the dream of running a business for himself and had some experience of working in a start-up business. He found the market gap for a comparison site for fashion when working for Next and decided to fill that gap.

Described as a shopping mall where you don’t have the need to travel to find the items you are looking for, Style Compare is similar to other comparison sites but compares clothing, accessories and shoes.

The business came to life in 2009 as a home based business with help from NBV Enterprise Solutions (based in Nottingham) in the early business building stages, with an increase of sales last year giving the company a growth rate of 35.62%.

The business started with an investment of time and skill, with each of the trio taking on a role of web developer, marketer and designer. They are now in a position where they have been able to employ a full time member of staff in the shape of a marketing intern.

The company is now developing the business with the help of a £25,000 loan from the Creative Quarter. Rebecca Goodwin, data analyst for the company, is said to be excited about the changes the company is making to the system. To discover more about Style Compare visit



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