Fashion Museum names their dress of the year

Ice Queen is the collection of designs that were created by Sarah Burton for the autumn and winter collection of Alexander McQueen last year. When they first came on display about a year ago at Paris Fashion Week people widely expected that they would be very popular. The clothes popularity were bolstered by the fact that Ms Burton designed the wedding dress for Kate Middleton for her marriage to Prince William last year.

The manager of the Fashion Museum is Rosemary Harden and she has recently commented about the wedding dress of Kate Middleton being included in the museum by saying, “This is an amazing opportunity. The dress is absolutely beautiful and the expertise and craftsmanship that have gone into it are spectacular. We look forward to welcoming people to see this dress at a museum.

“It was about a year ago that this dress was the one everyone was talking about and there was a great deal of speculation about what it was going to look like. This dress is part of an amazing story and we are very proud to be able to host it. We are also delighted to be able to name at our Dress of the Year for last year.”

The dress, which is blue, has 3-D feathers which have all been individually handcrafted. Anything on the dress that is embroidered has been done so with either white or silver thread.

The addition of the dress to the museum means that it now hosts nearly 50 dresses that have all got some sort of era defining quality to them. They are all dresses that have played an important part in history and it seems very appropriate that this latest addition to the collection has been made.


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