Hugo Boss to open Hogo boutique

Hugo Boss has recently announced that it will be opening a boutique for its other brand, Hugo. Currently the German fashion company has over 40 stores in the United Kingdom and it is expected that this new shop will be launching in the South Molton Street area of London.

Hugo is targeted towards fashion that is more style led and currently all of the designs are being sold within existing Hugo Boss stores. This is the only store that is going to be selling clothes only from Hugo. Bernd Hake is the managing director at Hugo Boss in the UK and he has recently said, “London is the key focus for Hugo Boss and we are soon going to be opening a new store located in Covent Garden. We find that Hugo Boss products sell best in metropolitan cities and every year many tourists come to shop in London and this figure is going to be even higher next year as the Olympic Games are taking place in the city.”

Recent figures released by the company have shown that this year the sales of Hugo Boss clothes in the UK increased by nearly 40%. The company also said that they expect this kind of growth to be continuing throughout 2012. Currently only 10% of the company’s sales are in womenswear and they have recently announced that they are going to be expanding their offering in this area. The Chief Executive has stated that in the next three years there will be a womenswear Hugo Boss shop in London.


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