Julien Macdonald creates ballgowns fit for Cinderella

Every woman grows up with the story of Cinderella and how a girl from humble beginnings ended up at the Royal ball. Now, the Victoria and Albert museum is opening a new exhibition, celebrating the ballgown and its designers with a display of over 60 gowns.

Designer Julien Macdonald says we have a dream like fascination that makes the ballgown a dress every woman aspires to wear. Speaking with Claire Rees from WM, Macdonald says that dream still exists today in the minds of modern woman, a longing for some finery and style.

Macdonald says that people associate glamour and glitz with the ballgown and most women aspire to attend a glamorous ball wearing the very finest ballgown. Macdonald’s own contribution to the exhibition is a long lace gown which definitely has the wow factor and will be one of many highlights at the exhibition.

The exhibition runs right through to January and features designs by Catherine Walker, Norman Hartnell and Elizabeth and David Emanuel. Gowns worn by Joan Collins, the Queen Mother and the “Elvis” dress worn by Princess Diana are sure to be among the crowd favorites.

Macdonald once designed a “sweetheart lemon” gown for Paris Hilton to wear at Elton John’s Tiara and White Tie ball. Paris was so delighted with the dress she implored Julien at allow her to keep it, showing that even celebrities are enamoured with the “princess and the ball” dream. Favourites of Julien include iconic gowns like Audrey Hepburn wore in Sabrina, through to the modern styles of Lady Gaga.

The designer, born in Merthyr Tydfil is back on the latest series of Britain’s Next Top Model next month. His co-hosts include male model star Tyson Beckford and MTV’s Whitney Port.


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