London beats New York in the fashion stakes

For the second consecutive year in a row, London has come out ahead of New York as the global fashion capital. This is according to a new ranking report which was released last week to mark the start of the New York Fashion Week. During this fashion week, models, buyers, designers, stylists and fashionistas all converge on the huge city in order to attend the event which attracts nearly 120,000 people every year.

Global Language Monitor, is headed by Paul Payack, and this is the company that have compiled the results showing which is the fashion capital. He is commented, “One of the reasons why Britain has become so incredibly powerful in the fashion world is because of Kate Middleton.

A recent survey has shown that she is incredibly influential in the fashion world and her influence has contributed to several million pounds of sales in this year alone. Furthermore, the effect of the Olympics has also had a significant impact on why London is again the fashion capital of the world.”

Middleton, since her engagement, has not seemed to put a foot wrong in the fashion world and she was even included in the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games during the part that was dedicated to fashion.


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