Manchester hosts its first fashion week

A fashion week is going to be taking place in Manchester and this is the first time that such an event has occurred in the city. The event is going to be the location for the first appearance of the new shoe collection that has been designed by Cheryl Cole, the celebrity who gained fame through being part of the band Girls Aloud.

News about the show leaked on the Internet yesterday and many fans of Cheryl Cole have been speculating about whether she is going to attend the event herself in order to launch her shoes. The event has not yet been finalised but many people are expecting that Cole might be modelling some of the shoes herself.

In the last few years, she has become something of a style icon and has just returned from Los Angeles after creating a new music video. The shoe collection is going to be released this spring and can only be purchased online.

One of the most popular pairs of shoes is expected to be a pair of stilettos which have been described as flying saucers. These are going to retail for around £80 and Cole has described them as having excellent details and being very elegant and ladylike. Another pair of shoes which she has designed are a little more glamorous and these retail for £120.

There is a special day dedicated to celebrity designs at the fashion week being held in Manchester. This day is going to be Friday and it is expected that this is when the shoes by Cole are going to be revealed. Other celebrities who are said to be involved with the fashion week include Bjorn Borg, the tennis player, model Caprice Bourret and the playboy Calum Best. There is been a great deal of publicity around celebrity releases at the event.


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