Mimi theobald swaps fatigues for fashion

Mimi Theobald was once a nurse in the Army, but she has recently left the Army and has swapped her beret and bandages in order to become one of the most important fashion figures in the country. Many people have said that she is the female equivalent of Gok Wan and people have described her hat designs as particularly notable.

She worked for four years as a registered nurse and eventually moved to Sydney with her husband who serves in the Royal Australian Navy. She spent her first year in Australia working to renovate a house and also had her first child. This saw her embark on a career after training under the famous celebrity designer in Australia, Neil Grigg. Since returning to her native Scotland she has become a very popular designer and has created the important fashion brand, Hats By Mimi.

She has recently commented, “I joined the military largely because it was a family tradition. I served four years after signing up at 17 and I left when I met my husband. Later, after our marriage I moved to Sydney and I tried my hand at dressmaking. This was not something I naturally took to, but when I discovered hats, I discovered an instant passion and became hooked with their creation.

“We have recently made the decision to move to Scotland to be closer to my parents who live in Inverness. I’m delighted with the success that I’ve had with my business and the various awards that I’ve been given.” One of her most notable creations has been the special hat that she created for the Olympics, which featured the Olympic rings.


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