Modern wool is a delight to wear

When most people think of wool they remember being itchy in the wool sweaters that their grandmother knit for them. They also probably remember wool as being something that their grandparents wore on a regular basis. In short, wool is not something that is generally associated with the trendy fashion crowd.

However, surprisingly enough wool is actually starting to make a large come back even though it almost was killed off by the creation of man-made fibers about four decades ago. It would appear that the wool industry in the UK is really starting to prosper, and many top designers are responsible for its turnaround.

Many luxury fashion houses including Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, and Burberry are all choosing to use wool in their autumn lines. British mills are seeing the demand for wool increase by about twofold and it would seem that wool is on almost every major catwalk including Milan, Paris, and London.

One reason for this might be that sustainable fashion is becoming popular and the ‘made in Britain’ label is very important. For this reason, you might be surprised to see that wool really is everywhere. From 2008 to 2010 the UK wool market excelled jumping up in worth by about one billion pounds, and now knitwear is a part of many design houses. In just five years time leading up to 2013 wool has seen a 50% increase as sales of wool have increased to £270m per year.

For the 90,000 wool producers in the UK such as Abraham Moon & Sons, this is excellent news as it means that they will be able to continue to market and produce wool without any concerns over finding a buyer. In fact, it likely means the price of wool will jump up as demand increases.


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