Plus size fashion still being ignored on the high street

There is much unhappiness between a lot of fashionable women about the fact that the high street fashion brands are not introducing outfits for plus size figure even if they adore the latest trends as much as anyone that has a slender and sexy figure. They are angry at the designers for making outfits for small and medium size figures only.

Several disingenuous terms are being used on the industry for the demonstration of “plus size figure,” such as curvy, plus-size, bulky, big boned, skinny thighs, fully-figured, and heavy set. It’s really disgraceful to regard a plus size woman as fatty using language slang and disrespectful words, normally being used on the fashion websites and blogs and fashion forums, too. Most of women don’t know how to describe their figure even it’s bulky and heavy.

Plus size dresses are an easy term to search on the internet and it’s no surprise to get countless results on the search engine for it. A lot of brands agree that they don’t design and sell plus-size clothes for a simple reason that the term does not exist. They market their clothes according to the sizes instead such as 16, 18, 20, 22 and so on.

Although it’s not a sin to be fat but it certainly hits where it hurts when words like “big, large, fat, overweight, and obese” are used for the female clothing. There has been something common in use which is the word “fat” in recent years, and French are calling an overweight figure as Miss Fatty, Fatshionista, and Beth Ditto.

The word fat is somehow a whole lot more annoying than any other term used for the skinny women. It has had negative impacts on the image of famine figure.If you are bothered with all these terms and are tired of reading exasperating descriptions of plus size dresses and apparels, you’d better try to find a diversion out of it and take everything positively. There is nothing bad in being overweight but it’s bad to not follow the fashion and look beautiful.



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