Posh Spice and Big Bird

There have been some unkind comparisons made recently in reference to Victoria Beckham and Big Bird.  Victoria, the beloved icon of British fashion for the young adult set, has come up with some really great designs and she has a large and loyal following that’s not confined to the U.K.  But lately her flair for the dramatic has taken a wild flight into realms where very few would dare to tread.

The fluffy, feathery orange creation that caused a flurry of astonished and outraged comments from both fashion reviewers and fans was a shining example.  No one, not even the most adoring fan, could find any redeeming qualities to extol.  That was a Halloween costume pure and simple, and the only one who could get away with it was Big Bird, and that only when the costume was complete with bird legs and big head.

The fact is that when Victoria wears her own designs, she and they almost always look great.  Certainly there are some whose physical proportions don’t quite match up with her favored fashions that nip in at the waist, but that’s just a fact of life that we all have to accept.

The point here, if there is one, don’t delude yourself that just because your role model wears it you’re going to look like that if you wear it.  As Big Bird might tell you, clothes do not make the man, or woman.  If you have to depend on the opinions of others, at least make sure they’re honest.


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