Russian fashion explodes onto the world stage

The fashion world in Russia continues to explode and after many years of little interesting fashion from the country, a huge number of designers, journalists, stylists, models and bloggers are coming out of the nation. Many people have an association with Russia that they create rather boring, Communist style clothing, but this is far from the case in the modern world.

The leading designer in Russia is a former model called Ulyana Sergeenko and she recently launched a new collection during a show in Paris which sold out. She is 32 years old and has already been named as one of the most notable trendsetters in Russia.

Since the end of communism in Russia a wide range of high-end fashion designers have set up in the country. Most of these are located in the capital city of Moscow and include such well-known names as Dolce & Gabbana and Versace.

The fashion writer, Miroslava Duma has recently written, “It is amazing to think that for seven decades nothing fashion wise came out of Russia and then suddenly there is this huge interest in fashion. This is largely because people in the country became incredibly wealthy from oil and this has given them opportunity to purchase high-end clothing.”

In recent years the tastes and Russia have certainly developed and the market has grown. Fashion designers in the country of become increasingly bold in their ideas as the years go by. Anya Ziourova is the fashion director for the fashion magazine Tatler in Russia and she has commented, “Suddenly when Russia became open to fashion everyone wanted everything at one time. This led to a rather unsophisticated situation in the country but now fashion has had time to evolve and people are seeking more sophisticated styles.”

In Russia the amount of disposable income people have is also been increasing rapidly in recent years. A new generation of middle-class has emerged in the country and these people are going to be seeking out designer clothing. It is estimated that in the country the fashion industry is worth about £30 billion and is experiencing an annual growth rate of close to 10 percent.


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