The alternative to Fashion Week jewellery is a grungy ‘distressed’ look

The alternative to Fashion Week jewellery is a grungy 'distressed' look
The alternative to Fashion Week jewellery is a grungy ‘distressed’ look

If you are sick of seeing the vintage diamonds and slick embellishments sashaying up and down the catwalks of Fashion Month has led you to crave an edgier kind of jewellery then you are in luck. A brand new line is formally launching this week that boasts both a healthy splash of sass and a large dose of grunge. 

This emerging UK  jewellery brandis known as Distressed, and those with a penchant for all things cool, urban and affordable. The retro range of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets comes in a range of stylish designs. The Distressed launch is really set to give the jewellery world a major shake up by offering stunning grungy alternatives to standard, mainstream brands.

Brendan Short, Managing Director of Distressed, says, “Inspired by the trends of 1990s British culture, our statement pieces are fun and quirky, with high levels of punk and retro nostalgia. Our customers would gladly shun a delicate pendant for a chunky gold chain with bags of attitude, and we hope to appeal to those who would rather be seen in a handcuff chain necklace than a set of Harry Winston diamonds.”

Forget carat ratings and diamond clarity; Distressed is all about the down-to-earth accessories that can transform an outfit into a homage to the iconic 90s. Their newly-launched range is fully of spiky bracelets, funky feature necklaces with eye-catching pendants , and stackable rings for those who have perfected their grungy look. Each item in their range is handpicked by co-founder Geo, whose experience as a retail buyer has led her to develop her own unique style, and understand exactly what the savvy street shopper wants from their accessories and jewellery.

All of the pieces promote individual style, and there are a wide range of items which reflect some of the biggest trends around right now; religious crosses have long since been donned as a fashion statement, and this is shown in the current range, as well as statement necklaces and chunky bracelets in the shape of zips, eagles, evil eyes, crosses and keys. You won’t find these pieces prancing down catwalks; you’ll find them on the most stylish urban fashionistas that you encounter on the street.

One of the most important factors is of course the price; Distressed recognizes that fashion trends can change like the wind, and shelling out hundreds for a statement piece is not especially style-savvy, especially when it could be irrelevant in a month or two. Earrings start from just £2.99 for eclectic sets of studs, and with an exclusive launch sale currently taking place, this is something that jewellery aficionados simply cannot miss. 

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